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This website and online shop are for people that love the outdoors. We choose the most advanced Sport sunglasses, goggles and thermal base layers which are designed to support you in all your adventures.

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We believe clear vision is crucial in all sports and activities. That is why we introduced our range of cutting-edge sport sunglasses and ski goggles from Arctica and Fischer. Extremely light, with features such as polarised lenses, antifog technology, prescription inserts and photochromic lenses.

All our sport sunglasses and ski goggles are made from high-tech materials. They will protect your eyes from injury and will give you unparalleled clarity of vision. You will find ranges specifically designed for cycling, running, skiing, snowboard, mountaineering, sailing, golf and many more. Recently, to complement our range, We have also introduced ski gloves and helmets.

The next most important thing to enable you to perform at your best is a thermal base layer. Our BodyDry range of thermal underwear brings you the latest technologically advanced thermo-insulating fabrics.

Their products differentiate between various areas of thermal activity on the human body. Variable structures of fabric, adjusted in places of increased sweat emission or temperature enable quick thermoregulation It results in great sweat reduction and prevents overheating thereby increasing your level of endurance.

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